📚Create your first Formie!

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Start the interactive wizard with /create !

Title stands for embed title, and description for embed description.

Adding Questions/Components!

Click "Choose Action" to get started!

There are 3 actions, "Save" will stop the editing progress and save the formie, "Button" will let you set up a custom discord button over the embed, and "Add text input" will help you add questions!

Adding Text Input

Label stands for "Question Title"

Length is calculated in characters and shows the minimum and maximum characters that a user can type

Placeholder is a text that can help users know about what to type

Pre-Text is auto written value for users, they can edit the text or send it as it's

Adding Custom Button

Button Label stands for "Button Text"

Button Style is coloring the button, due to discord's limitation we only support 4 colors (Blue, Grey, Red and Green)

— • Sending Your Formie

Perfect! Now that you’ve finished customizing the components to your Formie, save it, because now we have to send it so your members can fill out their forms/applications. To send the Formie, use /send.

The first argument is for the channel you want the Formie to be displayed in. This is the most basic way of doing this, and will send the default embed as seen below.

Please note that anyone who has access to view this channel will be allowed to submit an application. You can restrict how many times someone can apply using actions, but more on that later.

If you want to customize the display for your Formie further, we can make use of the optional arguments. If you would like to have multiple Formies displayed on the same message, select the dropdown argument, and choose true. If you don’t want to use multiple, either mark it false or don’t select the argument.

If you would like to customize the embed that goes with the Formie, there are three optional arguments we have to use. Firstly, you’ll have to enable the embed by selecting the embed argument and selecting True. [image four goes right here]

Now choose the Title argument.

The title is displayed at the very top of your embed in larger and bold letters, so naturally, you might want this to be your application/form name, or something of the like.

And lastly, choose the description argument. The description of the embed is the text that goes inside of it, beneath the title. Here should be your description of your form/application, maybe some of the requirements for it, or whatever you’d like.

These embeds, you can make use of your custom server emotes. To do this, you can follow the guide here to get the emote ID of the emote you want to use. Make sure Formie has access to the server you’re getting the emotes from

You can add colors to your embed too!

You have access to over 20 embed colors that you can choose from when you select the Color argument.

You may also add images to your embed. There are two locations they may be displayed, the bottom, and the top right. The image on the top right is the thumbnail, and uses the Thumbnail argument, and the one on the bottom is the regular image, which uses the image argument

Lastly for the display customizations, are notes. Notes will only work if you have the embed enabled. When using the note, it will be displayed as a regular message sent with the embed. To use it, select the note argument and type whatever you’d like to be sent with the embed.

That’s all there is to it. This is what your Formie’s display will look like when you’re finished. Each feature is marked, in case you’d like to see where each one is visual.

If you choose not to use the embed, and mark it as false there will be a few changes. You are still able to use the title argument, which will just be a bolded text and the description will be regular text. However, the image, thumbnail, color, and note will not work if the embed is disabled.

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