Polls are a great way to learn the opinion of your server members. Here's how it works:

First, an overview on the Polls features:

  • Polls offer up to 10 different options that get represented as buttons.

  • Poll embeds have descriptions in which you can give any context or details that are important to the question you are asking.

    • You can also display the options in the description with the options: true optional string.

  • There are 21 available colors to use for the embeds of your polls.

  • Polls can display an image file of your choice.

  • Polls feature anonymous voting with the use of buttons - This way members can vote without others knowing it was them.

  • Polls can be ended at any time, so you don't have to include a time limit on the poll command.


Formie currently doesn't support setting up polls in channels different from the one you are typing with. Because of this, you will have to set it up in your polls channel. Don't worry though! When you finish setting up the poll, the members won't be able to see the command you used, or that you were even typing in the channel.

To setup your poll, start by typing /poll create. Formie will begin filling in the basic, required syntax for the command, as shown below.

The title argument will be the question you are asking the members. This can be anything, though your question can't be too long. It will be displayed on the top of the embed and in a bolder font.

The top image is what the Browser/Desktop App will see. The bottom image is what the iOS/Android users will see. It should be noted that for the iOS/Android users, you'll have to press the next argument, it won't move on for you

Once you've got your question/title, the next part are choosing your options. You are required to use a minimum of 2 options. If you want to use more than two, you can use the optional options.

That's the bare minimum that needs to be done for a basic poll/ However, there are still more customization options that we will show you how to use, starting with the custom embed color. As mentioned; there are 21 different colors you can choose from, simply choose the color you want. You can't pick multiple for one embed, and the color does not affect the button colors.

Now, you can add a description that you can use to add on to your question, or add some context to your question. If you want to fancily display your poll options, you can here, but it's recommended that you only do that from the mobile platforms - this is due to how Discord handles slash commands, with mobile platforms having more flexibility as far as being able to use new lines within the description argument, while Desktop/Browser cannot.

If you want to display your poll options normally, then you should use the options argument, and select True. By setting it to false, Formie will not display the options in the embed. False is chosen by default, though.

Lastly, if you would like to add an image to your embed, choose the image argument. On mobile platforms, this will prompt Discord to open your photo gallery, for you to select a photo. On Desktop/Browser, you will be able to attach a file, or you can copy and paste the image in the argument box.

Once you've added all the optional arguments you'd like, simply send the slash command and let Formie generate the poll for you. Once it is done, it should look something like this:

Ending Polls

Ending polls is just as easy, if not easier. When you're ready to end the poll, simply type /poll end. This will prompt a dropdown menu, as seen below, where you can select which poll you would like to end. Once you select the poll, the poll will end, locking all the votes, and displaying a winner.

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